The President's Message

 As the heir of a planet named EARTH, which is a tiny dot in the vast universe, human beings were created with extraordinary abilities. While ensuring the dominance of this being over all other creatures, it was actually expected that they would positively develop and improve the planet they inhabit. Due to the essence encoded in its creation, this development towards prosperity has continued for thousands of years without harming its surroundings, other creatures living on the earth's surface, and the existing ecological balance. Whatever has happened, humanity, which has deviated from its essence, has become subject to chaotic and incompatible living conditions today, devoid of both tangible and intangible values.

Founded in 2006 by a few courageous entrepreneurs with awareness, our first company, established with modest savings, grew and evolved over time, eventually transforming into Trend Real Estate Investment Trust Inc. in the last months of 2017. During the same period, our company, which had its shares listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, continued its investments with a new vision and much stronger steps.

Our vision drives us to develop our abilities to have more greenery, to be more respectful to the future of the world and humanity, to adapt quickly to all innovations in the industry's technology, to harmonise architectural aesthetics with the natural cover of nature, and to provide optimum profits. At this point, our ultimate goal will no longer be just to make money, but also to elevate the honourable values of humanity, alongside achieving financial gains. 

As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we will continue to work tirelessly and sweat to ensure that our beloved country, which is more precious than our lives, develops and strengthens for many more centuries. We have no doubt that Turkey and the noble Turkish nation deserve this. Our belief is that; the future belongs to those who believe in Turkey and the future of Turkey. Trend GYO, as always, The Architect of Profitable Investment will continue to be.

With respect and best regards

Alaeddin Şengüler / Chairman of the Board

About Us

Trend Real Estate Investment Trust Inc. (Trend GYO) was established in Istanbul on September 6, 2006, as a foreign-capital company.

Since its establishment, our company has pioneered real estate development investments with financing efficiency in various projects, bringing numerous housing, residence, and university buildings to our country.

TREND GYO develops meticulously analysed real estate projects in prime locations, meeting market expectations with the most modern methods and building them to world standards. Our principle is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and their profitability from each of our projects.  

Our company, which has a customer-centric approach "The Architect of Profitable Projects" has embarked on the principle of being 'The Architect of Profitable Projects', aspiring to stand side by side with its business partners, shareholders, and customers in not just one but every project. 

TREND GYO, successfully becoming a profitable company by satisfying market and investor expectations in its real estate projects, prioritizes the continuity of its customers and investors. 

Our company, which conducted its IPO on Borsa Istanbul on February 18, 2018, continues its path with the commercial responsibility brought by being a publicly traded company. 

The management team, employees, suppliers, and subcontractors of TREND GYO tirelessly work to provide the best and satisfactory service to their customers by following domestic and international developments with their experience.


Our vision is to become one of Turkey's leading, innovative, and innovative companies in the sector, prioritising transparency, reliability, aesthetics, and respect for the environment while growing steadily.


Our mission is to develop projects that combine trust, comfort, quality, and aesthetics, providing sustainable living spaces that both facilitate life and preserve nature while meeting the needs of 'humans'. Thus, we aim to achieve high profitability and steady growth together with our shareholders who have entrusted us with belief.

Our values

Our goal is to establish a value system that is transparent, sustainable, respectful of human rights, growth-oriented, and profitability-driven.

It is our duty to stand by our customers both during the project stage and after sales, and to take care of our product.

Our goal is to be recognized as a reputable and preferred company at every stage of our production and trade.

It is our duty to value our human resources, to create a continuously learning workforce organisation by increasing their productivity.

Our principle is to uphold business ethics, honesty, and to conduct relationships with goodwill and understanding.

Our indispensable aim is to contribute to our country's economy through our commercial activities, and to embark on projects that will carry our company and our country into the future.

Bize Ulaşın