About Us
Trend GYO AS was established in Turkey as a foreign capital firm. Until today it served as a consultant in improving various real estate projects. Among these projects there is construction or development of real estate in various areas such as house, hotel, residence and university buildings.
Among the goals of Trend GYO that it set for itself, there are determining the market expectation by analyzing the requested projects and finishing them in world standards by using proper positions and ways to ensure customer satisfaction.
Along with the experience and knowledge that our managerial staff and personnel have, we are working to provide the best service to our customers both at home and abroad.

To create living quarters that can make life easier, saves the nature, supplies with the needs of the resident, complies with the improving technology and that are safe, comfortable, esthetic and of high quality.


To act according to the continuous improvement principle by using the values both in Turkey and abroad, to provide living quarters that have the integrity of functionality and esthetic and making them appropriate for the expectations of our customers, and to reach the excellence.

  • Passion: To love what we do. To demonstrate an endless desire and a high level commitment in order to be able to do our best in every circumstances.
  • Courage: To take quick decisions and face difficulties to resolve disagreements.
  • Responsibility and Sustainability: To act responsibly in line with the benefit of our group and to consider the effects to environment of what we do.
  • Superior Business Ethics and Honesty: To act fairly in all our relationships with good intentions and understanding in order to provide mutual benefits and always to obey the laws and the rules of morality.
  • Future and Result Orientation: To fulfill our responsibilities to today's people and future generations. To be conscious of environmental protection and to spread this awareness for Turkey and the world.
  • Openness to Cooperation: To value our employees and business partners, to believe work together shoulder to shoulder.